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About Us

Toronto Pressure Wash is certified by Fresh and Clean, a green sustainable contractor under the CSSA program. Our company is audited by an independent third party periodically to ensure that we are indeed following green sustainability practices within our company. This means that you can trust any chemistries required in the performance of our cleaning tasks will be the most environmentally friendly in the marketplace. Our media blasting services use bicarbonate soda (baking soda) and lime wherever possible. Our dry ice blasting service uses solid dry ice (carbon dioxide) which produces the nuisance gas carbon dioxide.

Our technicians follow safe work practices that have been developed over time. Our systems are constantly reviewed and updated. You can feel confident that when you use Toronto Pressure Wash that you are in good hands with trained staff and supervisory personnel.


Toronto Pressure Wash uses only environmentally friendly products for the removal of traffic film, general soiling, algae and moss, using super heated water at high pressure, we rarely need to resort to
aggressive chemicals.

Dynablast pressure washers 3500PSI with Honda motors

Dynablast Kerosene heater

Wickens Triblast 3 dry ice machine

Problast media blast machine

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“I’ve been using this company for years and it has always been a pleasure to work with them. I will use them for many more and recommend them to anyone”
We have been using this company for several years now, Great customer service and great team. We use them across 6 buildings thank you!”

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